How to Master the Art of moving like a Fairy

Fairies are graceful, dainty and elegant. They are certainly not lumbering nor sluggish nor awkward. Since A Midsummer Night's Musical takes place in an enchanted forest where plenty of these magical little creatures reside, it is absolutely necessary that everyone in the cast learns to imitate the movements of a fairy. Therefore, at today's rehearsal we all did our very best to float like a fairy. 

The results were nothing short of comical. (In fact by the end of it, we were all laughing at how silly we looked!) 

Instead of the delicacy we were aiming for, we had people looking more like wounded horses struggling to gallop or crabs scuttling their way across the room. Yeah...not quite fairy-like at all! Good thing we have a lot of time to really perfect this skill, eh? 


Out of the kindness of my heart, I've put together 3 steps for you to master the art of moving like a fairy (since we know all you are dying to try this yourself):

1. Place your feet at a 90 degree angle, keep your shoulders back and place your arms slightly lifted by your side


2. Trend the ground as lightly as you possible can (imagine that you are walking on eggshells) and start moving forward in a rather hurried manner to give off the impression that you are 'fluttering'. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LOOK LIKE YOU ARE BOUNCING...fairies don't bounce! THEY FLOAT! 


3. Register for ballet classes so that you ACTUALLY learn how to move like a fairy!!


That's it really! Happy practicing! Before you go, repeat after me, 'I do believe in fairies, I DO! I DO!' Now clap your hands, just like Peter taught you, and congratulate yourself for saving the life of a fairy today!