We Got Magic to Do

This afternoon we finally did some DANCING!!! We started learning "Magic to Do," which will be the most MAGICAL number in the show (obviously). It's been a while since most of us have danced so we were a little rusty at the beginning, but our choreographers, Demi and Vanessa, must have cast a spell on us or something because somehow or other, the number started to come to life. Learning and remembering dance moves can be quite confusing at first but we were really pleased with how hard everyone worked!  


If you've never tried making a human pyramid-ish shape and moving in a synchronized fashion, you should definately give it a try on some rainy afternoon. I promise that it's fun...really, it is! Also, moving in a manner that imitates a woodland magical creature is a lot harder than it sounds.  Since you were so kind as to read this blog,  I'll tell you a secret...this number has the ever so famous 'shimmy' in it which everyone in our cast loves with all his or her heart. GET EXCITED. 


All in all, we definitely created magic today. Harry Potter himself would have been proud. ;)