A Crowded Garage and a Misplaced "La, La, La"!

Put your hands up if you love musical theatre! (or if you are dancing in a crowded garage!)
Put your hands up if you love musical theatre! (or if you are dancing in a crowded garage!)

This weekend was, once again, super busy! On Saturday evening, the March sisters, Marmee and Laurie came to rehearse their scenes.  We always have a great time together and it often feels more like a social gathering than a rehearsal because it doesn't seem like work at all! We're having too much fun! I think the sisters were quite exhausted by the end of it though...there is A LOT of vigorous dancing!

On Sunday, we rehearsed the big dance numbers. This was, once again, difficult because of the small space, but we managed to get by and do some major clean up in the songs! Everyone is so much more in sync now. A rather funny moment happened when we were rehearsing the wedding scene and all the wedding guests were instructed to be frozen like an icecube. (However; this metaphor did not seem to help them understand what it means to be frozen because it was quickly stated that icecube's melt.) ANYWAY, Shayla (Meg March) was singing about how pretty she felt, when suddenly, out of no where, a random 'LA, LA, LA' erupted from one of the mouths of the weddings guests, who shall remain nameless.  We had to take a laughing break because it was just so funny how in the middle of solo, a 'la, la, la' was heard from one of the frozen-like-an-icecube wedding guests! (...Maybe you had to be there!) 

We have our photoshoot this Friday which is really exciting!  It's going to be our first look at the costumes for the show and it's going to be very fun (maybe) curling everyone's hair! Keep your eyes open for the pictures and let us know what you think of them! 

Talk to you next weekend!  Have a happy and safe halloween! 

PS: To help you get through all the spookiness of Halloween, here is some advice from The King and I to keep in mind!